You probably are an emotional eater.

Answering “Yes” to only one of these questions may explain why you experience difficulties in sustainably losing weight by focusing on diet and/or exercise alone.

For you, it is not about WHAT you eat but WHY you eat.



You probably are not an emotional eater and your relationship with food may be healthier than you think!


#1. Do you get cravings for certain food frequently, despite not feeling hungry?


#2. When you start eating a craved food, do you end up eating more than intended, or until all of it is finished?


#3. Do you frequently eat a craved food until feeling excessively stuffed?


#4. Do you feel guilty after eating a particular food, but still continue eating them?


#5. Do you make up excuses about why it might be a good idea to respond to cravings and eat? ? Thinking things like: "I don't have time to cook and the fast-food is on my way home", "I had such a tough day, I deserve a treat right now", "Depriving myself is not a solution, I will just have a small portion", "I don't want to be different, I will just eat like everybody else", I am too busy to focus on food today, I will try again next week"...


#6. Have you repeatedly tried to quit eating a certain food, unsuccessfully?


#7. Do you sometimes keep the consumption of unhealthy food hidden from others? ? Eating alone, eating in your car or while everybody is out or in bed, hiding the empty containers at the bottom of the trash can, omitting to mention some food you ate, simply lying about what you ate...


#8. Do you spend a significant amount of money on buying food?


#9. Do you go out of your way to obtain certain food? ? Going out late to get some food, driving far from home or work to get a specific item, ordering expensive meal delivery...


#10. Do you feel unable to stop eating a certain food, even though eating them can lead to some physical, emotional, or relationship issues? ? For example, do you feel it is an unacceptable idea to never eat ice cream, sweets, cake, potatoes, or pizza again?



If you found out you are an emotional eater, that’s okay. Finally knowing what you are dealing with will help you take the appropriate action, instead of repeating once more something you already know doesn’t work.

I’ve been there, and I know how easy it is to feel defeated after a rough day and to give in when cravings hit you. But there is a way out of emotional eating and to a life where you don’t need the comfort of food anymore.

If you feel ready to give yourself another chance, here are 2 ways to get started:

The Guided Path

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This option is especially efficient for people who:

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  • want to be able to get some support and/or personalized guidance along the way.

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The Solo Path

If you want to give it a go, but would rather fly solo, for now, I get it!

The Solo Path is recommended for people who:

  • want to step into change with caution and totally on their own terms
  • feel they already are prepared enough to not need close support or individual guidance.

Learn more about this option here.

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