A weight loss journey can feel lonely. Especially when you are struggling with emotional eating. Sometimes, we might have all the tools, know all the rules, and be perfectly well-equipped, but we still need support.

I offer a support group to help you keep going when

  • You have read my books or taken my online classes
  • You follow a nutritional or fitness program
  • You just do better when you have a strong support system

Whether you need a resounding board to help you reflect on what you’ve learned in my books or classes, are already taking care of the physical part of your weight loss journey and want to address your emotional eating, or simply want to be understood by like-minded people going through the same struggles as you, my online support group can help you.

During one hour and a half, once a week, in a group never bigger than 8 people, I will facilitate online conversations, honest and caring feedback, and group exercises to help you take the next step in your journey, or help you understand how to overcome the barrier you are currently faced with on your weight loss journey. You are free to talk about your experience, simply give feedback to others, or not talk at all and just listen. All of them are beneficial and it’s up to you.