Chart your own path

If you’d rather fly solo, for now, I get it!

You may prefer to read and figure things out on your own. With my books, you’ll find a roadmap to get clear on what’s worth changing, what’s not, and a step-by-step guide to figure out what you want to do about it.

My Book Series Never Eat Your Emotions Again, is the starting point.  It teaches the science of behavior change through a literal journey —from “I can’t lose weight” all the way to “I had no clue how great I am!” It will be published in 2022.

A Roadmap to Recovery

Never Eat Your Emotions Again is a guided Emotional Eating Recovery Process, allowing you to change your relationship with food. You will get:

  • Expert guidance to understand what you are experiencing when cravings hit you and why,
  • Real-life situations you can relate to, and
  • Specific techniques and activities to engage in active Emotional Eating Recovery.

More resources for your Solo Journey?

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