Learn about the common symptoms of emotional eating.
Discover the one(s) you display in your eating behavior.
Choose the best strategy to achieve your goals.

Life As An Emotional Eater

  • You struggle with your relationship with food, weight, and body shame.
  • You feel stuck. You want to lose weight but need food to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • You feel like no one can help you and you are a lost cause.
  • You constantly try to hide. Either your body or your feelings.
  • You see yourself as lazy and with no willpower.
  • You feel like a failure and have given up on yourself.
  • You blame yourself for your appearance and feel ashamed.
  • You believe you are not loveable.
  • You don’t stand up for yourself because you feel unworthy.
  • You experience acute feelings of loneliness.

It doesn’t have to stay that way. There is not one pattern, not one feeling about food or about yourself that cannot be dispelled. Healed. Dissolved. After working with myself and many others, I witnessed astonishing breakthroughs and steady recoveries to a healthy relationship with food. You can do it too.

Life As An Emotional Eater

Marion Holt

Certified professional coach Marion Holt has been an emotional eater since childhood. She has lived with morbid obesity. No longer. She shares specific behavioral expertise and techniques for efficiently recovering from emotional eating. She also shares much of her own personal journey in the process because she understands the forces at work. With her own recovery and professional training she’s helped many others going through their own journey to a healthier relationship with food—and a much more fulfilled life.  

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Emotional Eating is a coping mechanism. We eat to compensate our unmet needs. Discover the areas of your life where your needs are the least fulfilled.
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