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Marion Holt

Certified professional coach Marion Holt has been an emotional eater since childhood. She has lived with morbid obesity. No longer. She shares specific behavioral expertise and techniques for efficiently recovering from emotional eating. She also shares much of her own personal journey in the process because she understands the forces at work. With her own recovery and professional training she’s helped many others going through their own journey to a healthier relationship with food—and a much more fulfilled life.  

What Others Are Saying

Life as an Emotional Eater

What they are going through and how it makes them feel:

1. We struggle about food, weight and body shame. And we feel stuck because we need food to cope with stress and anxiety.
2. We tell ourselves stories about what, when and how much to eat. We feel we are a lost cause and noone can help us.
3. We hide our thighs, we hide our arms, we cover our stomach, and wearing a bathsuit in public is not an option, no matter how hot it is.
4. We feel like failures from having tried and failed so many times to make healthier food choices that we have given up on ourselves.
5. We see ourselves as lazy and lacking willpower.
6. We blame ourselves then eat to get some relief from the self-inflicted guilt. And as soon as we are full, we feel ashamed of ourselves.
7. We do not feel fulfilled, but we do not see any possible way to get happier. Food is one of the only pleasures of our life, when not the only one.
8. We hide our true self because we believe we are not loveable. Therefore we often experience an acute feeling of loneliness.
9. We are deprived of meaningful connections. We feel misunderstood, and unworthy of someone's attention, love or care.
10. We don't fight back when we get judged, shamed, bullied, or given unsollicited advice, because we believe we deserve to be treated harshly.

Sounds familiar? I know how it feels, because I spent most of my life 100 pounds overweight. It doesn't have to stay that way. There is not one pattern, not one feeling about food or about yourself that cannot be dispelled. Healed. Dissolved. After working with myself and many others, I witnessed astonishing breakthroughs and steady recoveries to a healthy relationship with food. You can do it too.


You're ready to go all in, and you want personal support and guidance.


You're more comfortable doing this on your own? My book series will give you the roadmap.

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Emotional Eating is a symptom. We eat to compensate our unmet needs and uncomfortable emotions. Explore each area of your life and discover where your needs are the least fulfilled.
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